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I'm writing a grails app. I use withFormat to render the result. Here is the code:

class TestController{
   def index(){
      def result = ["a":"1"]
      withFormat {
         json{ render result as JSON }
         xml{ render result as XML}

And I use the url .../test and .../test/index.json and .../test/index to test this. It gave me a HTTP Status 404 error and told me that the requested resource is not available. I'm not sure why this happened.

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At a guess I'd say the URL isn't pointing at the file. The three leading . might be the cause. Try ../test. (Just 2 .) –  Mike W Jul 9 '13 at 22:04
Which version of Grails do you use? It works for me as expected with the above (exactly your) controller implementation in 2.2.2. –  dmahapatro Jul 10 '13 at 0:00

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What's probably happening is the request isn't being processed in any of the closures of you withFormat block. Since you don't have a fall back render, you're getting a 404 because there probably isn't an index.gsp. You should debug the action and find out how the request is being processed.

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