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I need to turn this ping script into a telnet script which I'd like to configure the script to telnet to the address (on my separate target list *.txt file) & either:

connect/disconnect - write success results to file or fail - write fail results to file, & go to next record, then end...

HELP? :)

@echo off
echo Ping test in progress... 
for /F %%i in (iplist.txt) do ping -n 3 -a %%i >> result.txt
echo .
echo .
echo Result is ready.
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You cannot simply replace ping with telnet. For one thing, the telnet shipped with Windows isn't scriptable in the first place, so you'd have to jump through some hoops to make it work in a script. You'd be better off using a telnet that's actually scriptable, like plink from the PuTTY suite. Also telnet clients can talk to arbitrary services, so you need to specify where you want to connect to (a telnet server uses a different protocol than, say, a web server or a mail server).

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