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I am trying to make a quality control chart of sparse data using the qcc package in R, and I'd like the x-axis of the chart to be scaled to reflect this sparseness. Is there any way to make the function qcc smart enough to scale the x-axis appropriately, as R's basic plot function does (even when the labels of the horizontal axis are strings of integers)?

The code below plots 15 values above 15 equally-spaced tickmarks on the x-axis, but the labels on those tickmarks aren't equally spaced in the character-of-integer number line (ie, '5' and '11'-'20' were skipped).

test.vals <- c(33.75, 33.05, 34, 33.81, 33.46, 34.02, 33.68, 33.27, 33.49, 33.20,
       33.62, 33.00, 33.54, 33.12, 33.84)
serial.nos <- c(1:4, 6:10, 21:26)

qcc(test.vals, type="xbar.one", labels=serial.nos)

I'm new to programming and this website. Sorry if this is a dumb question.

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