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I created a new Play 2.1.2 web application using "play new test". When I start it using "play run" I see the default "Your new application is ready" screen nicely formated. But when I start it using "play start", all the formating (assets?) is missing. I only see the text "Your new application is ready".

These files are missing: - main.css - widget?uid=xxxxxxxxx - header-pattern.png - external.png, widget?uid=xxxxxxxx - news.png - __utm.gif?yyyyyyyy

What do I have to do to make the production mode work properly?

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Are you aware of this post? stackoverflow.com/questions/16291374/… –  Mingyu Jul 10 '13 at 0:49
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You should start... coding your own code, initially the index view contains only the call to the local documentation : @play20.welcome(message, style = "Java") and as James Ward wrote it is not accessible from production mode.

As soon as you'll add own styles and content you'll realize that everything works like a charm in both modes. Compare to the other question which is actually identical to your problem.

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Running Play in prod mode with play start turns off the documentation. There is no way to run Play in prod mode and still have the documentation accessible.

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