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When I use this code, everything works perfectly. But when I remove "$enterLocation = ", the code does not get executed and I dont understand why. Any Ideas?

$sql_location = "INSERT INTO location (lat, prov, lon, acc) VALUES ('$jsonLocation[lat]', '$jsonLocation[prov]', '$jsonLocation[lon]', '$jsonLocation[acc]')";
$enterLocation = mysql_query($sql_location) or die("Failure!");

PS: I am aware that the preferred way is using mysqli_query or even PDO-stuff, which I might implement later on, but I stumbled across this line and wonder why it does not work as intended.

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mysql_query will still get executed, even if you don't assign the result to anything. –  jcsanyi Jul 9 '13 at 23:21
I'd recommend not using mysql_query() and look in to using mysqli or the PDO - there's plenty of documentation on php.net –  calcinai Jul 9 '13 at 23:22

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you can simply use it like this

mysql_query("INSERT INTO location (lat, prov, lon, acc) VALUES ('$jsonLocation[lat]', '$jsonLocation[prov]', '$jsonLocation[lon]', '$jsonLocation[acc]')") or die("Failure!");

you dont need to use variables

and you may want to use pdo it will works like this :

 $db->query("INSERT INTO location (lat, prov, lon, acc) VALUES ('$jsonLocation[lat]', '$jsonLocation[prov]', '$jsonLocation[lon]', '$jsonLocation[acc]')")

its better and faster and easier to do you can find help on learning PDO on PHP Official Site

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