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hey i am new to the Corona sdk world i want to learn how to spawn some objects and make them move across the screen i try everything and it never work i read the forum on spawning the right way and try it but still end up with a error in my code help this is my code

 local  mRandom = math.random 
 local   mAbs = math.abs 
 local   objects = {"rocket02" ,"rocket01","coin01"}

 local   function spawnObject() 
   local objIdx = mRandom(#objects)
   local objName = objects[objIdx]
   local object  = display.newImage("image/object_"..objName..".png")
   object.x = mRandom (screenLeft +30,screenRight-30)
   object.y = screenTop

   if objIdx < 4 then 
      object.type = "food"
      object.type = "other" 

Also can some one tell me how to make it move across the screen

Please help Thanks

here's the media file for you to take a look at

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I'll show you a method. For that, I have rewritten your code as follows:

local  mRandom = math.random
local   objects = {"rocket02" ,"rocket01","coin01"}
local objectTag = 0
local object = {}

local   function spawnObject()
    objectTag = objectTag + 1
    local objIdx = mRandom(#objects)
    local objName = objects[objIdx]
    object[objectTag]  = display.newImage(objName..".png")  -- see the difference here
    object[objectTag].x = 30+mRandom(320)
    object[objectTag].y = 200
    object[objectTag].name = objectTag

Here I've used a timer for displaying the object. You can also use for loop for the same purpose. Here you can call any object with tag as object[objectTag].

For your information:

    --[[ will display object named rocket02.png or rocket01.png or coin01.png
        placed in the same folder where your main.lua resides --]]


    --[[ will display object named object_rocket02.png or object_rocket01.png 
         or object_coin01.png placed in a folder named 'image'. And the folder
         'image' should reside in the same folder where your main.lua is. --]]

And for moving your object from top to bottom, you can use:


 function moveDown()
     object[objectTag].y = object[objectTag].y + 10  
     --replace 'objectTag' in above line with desired number (ir., 1 or 2 or 3)


 --[[ replace 'objectTag' in above line with desired number (ir., 1 or 2 or 3)
 eg: transition.to(object[1],{time=1000,y=480}) --]]

Keep coding.............. :)

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hey i get this new error message table index is nil on line object[i] = display.newImage("image/object_"..objName..".png") thank for your help – user2566626 Jul 12 '13 at 23:55
Sorry, my mistake. Replace 'i' with 'objectTag'. I've corrected the above code... – Krishna Raj Salim Jul 13 '13 at 10:12
it okay i am so glad that you are helping e with this an no mean to bug but get new error when i run then code. the error say "attempt to index field" it on line object[objectTag].x = 30+mRandom(320) i am not share what could be casing this. i am hoping that you can help me solve this so i could get my game going thanks – user2566626 Jul 14 '13 at 19:06
@user2566626: Hi, I've checked it. But the code is ok and I haven't getting any error. Check all needed images(object_rocket02.png,object_rocket01.png and object_coin01.png) are in the correct path(inside folder 'image'). And, are you using any other code instead of the above lines..? If you still getting an error, then please post the full error and if extra code, then that also.... :) – Krishna Raj Salim Jul 15 '13 at 4:13
yeah i don't another code running in my project but i keep getting this error "Attempt to index field “?” (nil value)" on this line object[objectTag].x = 30+mRandom(320).but i was wondering if i have to refer to a folder when i said "image/object_" should this be a folder name or what but if it shouldn't be the code that you gave me i am running it by it self and i got all the images in the folder that i am referring to. to help you solve this problem i could zip it up and send it to you. thanks a lot bro you a real life saver. – user2566626 Jul 15 '13 at 23:51

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