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Is there any way to run stsadm -o addsolution using a SQL Authentication account instead of the windows domain account? My SharePoint hosting provider has the content database in a different domain than my WFE and they are not trusted. I am unable to install a SharePoint solution pacakge using stsadm because my windows domain account does not have permission in the config database. I do have a SQL authentication account, but can't find a way to use it using the stsadm command.

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Why do you need to access the content database server if you are deploying a solution package to the WFE server? You need to contact your provider's support for permissions or have them deploy it for you...

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Sorry, I meant the sharepoint config database, not the content database. I will update my question. I am trying to add the solution, not even deploy it yet. I am trying to get my provider to help, but they keep telling me it should work as is. I have been going back an forth with them for a few months now and am looking for some more ideas. Thanks. – Joosh21 Nov 18 '09 at 23:09
What error message are you getting? You need to post more details on the setup. Did you try deploying it via Central Admin? – IrishChieftain Nov 18 '09 at 23:38

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