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I am trying to write a java code using mongodb api to create this mongodb query:

{ "$or": [{"prd" : {"$in" : ["1234", "0987"]}} , {"rsin" : "3228742"}]}

Here's the code I am working with so far:

QueryBuilder builder = new QueryBuilder();

if (builder == null) {
    builder = QueryBuilder.start();

if (mongoKey.equals("prd")){

     ArrayList<String> vals = new ArrayList<String>();

     for (int i=0; i < prdList; i++){

     DBObject obj = new BasicDBObject (mongoKey, new BasicDBObject("$in", vals));

}else {

This is currently printing out the wrong syntax:

{ "$or": [{"prd" : {"$in" : ["1234", "0987"]}}] , "rsin" : "3228742"}

Any help?

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The problem is on else block, you need to use or method instead of and.

}else {
    builder.or(new BasicDBObject(mongoKey, mongoValue));

This will produce the query that you want.

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It works. Thanks. Sorry for the late up vote. –  night mare Jul 20 '13 at 6:51

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