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Software Architecture is the organizational structure of a system. Architecture can be recursively decomposed into parts that interact through interfaces, relationships that connect parts and constraints for assembling parts. Parts that interact through interfaces include classes, components and subsystems. Tell whether software architecture plays any role to satisfy the non-functional requirements?

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Yes, yes it does. – Eli Algranti Jul 10 '13 at 3:48

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Software Architecture plays a very large role in non-functional requirements.

They are the people responsible to often times derive the hidden non-functional requirements and incorporate them into the overall design.

A good example of non-functional requirements that can be heavily dependent on design would include performance and usability. An architect's decisions can heavily sway how quick (or slow) a system is based on their design, like the choice of if, where, how to store and access data can make a very large difference in performance. In terms of usability, the choices that go into what controls(if a GUI, the layout can be key as well) are to be implemented (and how they are to be accessed) for the-end user to perform whatever the functional requirements can make or break the usability of the system.

A system incorectly designed for non-functional requirements can meet all the functional requirements, but turn out to do it inefficiently as well as in a manner very difficult to control (thus not meeting the non-functional reqs.).

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+1 for answer, but I think the OP should do his/her own homework. – Eli Algranti Jul 10 '13 at 4:09

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