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I have a Rails 4 app with two models Campus and Stat. Campus has_many stats and Stat belongs_to Campus.

The problem I have is I can the data from my Campus table in my show action, but not in my index action. Here's the relevant code from the controllers.

  def index
    @stats = Stat.all

  def show

Here's my show.html.erb:

<p id="notice"><%= notice %></p>
  <%= @stat.attendance %>
  <%= @stat.salvations %>
  <%= @stat.visitors %>
  <%= @stat.offering %>
  <%= @stat.campus.name %>
  <%= @stat.date %>
<%= link_to 'Edit', edit_stat_path(@stat) %> |
<%= link_to 'Back', stats_path %>

It's outputs the following:

Attendance: 23

Salvations: 0

Visitors: 3

Offering: 5000.0

Campus: Revelstoke

Date: 2013-07-05

Edit | Back

Here's the relevant portion of my index.html.erb:

<% @stats.each do |stat| %>
    <td><%= stat.attendance %></td>
    <td><%= stat.salvations %></td>
    <td><%= stat.visitors %></td>
    <td><%= stat.offering %></td>
    <td><%= stat.date %></td>
    <td><%= stat.time %></td>
    <td><%= stat.campus.name %></td>
    <td><%= link_to 'Show', stat %></td>
    <td><%= link_to 'Edit', edit_stat_path(stat) %></td>
    <td><%= link_to 'Destroy', stat, method: :delete, data: { confirm: 'Are you sure?' } %></td>
<% end %>

The output gives me a undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass for the stat.campus.name

I can't figure out why the difference. What am I doing wrong?

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Look at the @stat.campus.name in show and stat.campus in index. Remove stat.time in index and change stat.campus to stat.campus.name and you have the same output. –  Hiasinho Jul 10 '13 at 5:20
Sorry, my first post was incorrect. With the stat.campus.name in index.html.erb it returns an undefined method error –  Dave Olson Jul 10 '13 at 5:25

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It looks like you have a stat with no campus associated to it in your database.

To check witch one is it, you could go to the rails console and check the campus_id property, printing Stat.all,

That can happen if you are adding your stats programmatically, or maybe you added a form without every model property.

If you don't want that to happen you can use validates in your model. Check this link.

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Yes of course that's the problem. (hitting hand to side of head). Thanks for the help.. –  Dave Olson Jul 10 '13 at 5:29
You're welcome! –  NicoSantangelo Jul 10 '13 at 5:31

First, you are not initialising @stat in show action, you could do this with:

@stat = Stat.find(params[:id])

Second, you have to be sure @stat has campus associated with it. But as you are not having problems with index, it seems your stat has campus associated, it means that status has a column campus_id which value is a valid id of table campuses.


After reading your comment your stat has not a campus associated, you can show an empty string in these cases with:

  <td><%= stat.campus.try(:name) %></td>
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Thanks but the problem is not with the show action. That works properly. It's when I call the index action that I have an undefined method error. –  Dave Olson Jul 10 '13 at 5:24

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