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I am using Getopt::Long to parse the command line arguments:

$result = Getopt::Long::GetOptions(
                                  'version|V'   => sub { $common->markVersion },
                                  'help|?'      => sub { $common->markHelp },
                                  's=s'         => \$stringname,
                                  'force|F'     => sub { $force = "true" },
                                  'scope|e'     => sub { $scope = "true" },
                                  'disable-R|n' => sub { $DR = "true" },
                                  'disable-S|u' => sub { $S = "true" },
                                  'enable-R|D'  => sub { $R  = "true" },
                                  'ignore|i'    => sub { $ignore = "true" },
                                  '+'           => sub { $plus = "true" }, );

For me rest of the options are getting parsed but one I am using command as <cmd> + then the value of $plus = true is not getting set? Is this the correct way I can use the +?

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The trouble is, I believe, that Getopt::Long expects the + command to be preceded by a dash. The documentation notes Early implementations of long options used a plus "+" instead. [...] The "+" form is now obsolete and strongly deprecated. But that applies to +option or +option=value and not to + on its own. – Jonathan Leffler Jul 10 '13 at 5:57
It might also be relevant to note the perldoc Getopt::Long says: + The option does not take an argument and will be incremented by 1 every time it appears on the command line. E.g. "more+", when used with "--more --more --more", will increment the value three times, resulting in a value of 3 (provided it was 0 or undefined at first). The "+" specifier is ignored if the option destination is not a scalar. – Jonathan Leffler Jul 10 '13 at 6:06

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