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i want to enable powershell remoting on other computer remotely . And remote computer require authentication. I tried to create a batch file which schedules a task executing Enable-Psremoting , apparently i was unable to put it in remote computer.

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If you're in a domain, you can create a GPO to enable remoting. See http://www.briantist.com/how-to/powershell-remoting-group-policy/

You can also use psexec to remotely execute PowerShell (see "whatyousay"'s answer at the bottom), passing in enable-psremoting as a script to execute.

psexec \\[computer name] -u [admin account name] -p [admin account password] -h -d powershell.exe "enable-psremoting -force"

If you're doing it for a large number of systems, GPO is probably best - although you could wrap a PowerShell script around the psexec version to loop through a list of computers.

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