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I have already used


but in some case even it is not working like if user network is lost, or LAN has been disconnected. So how can I check if user is connected or not, otherwise I have to delete that user from my user queue but for that I have to again check if he is connected..

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You problem is network connection doesn't fire an event.

You can use some kind of tick function and check every given time if a user is connected. It will obviously not run if the client is not online.

I am using jQuery for Ajax clearity.

some thing to the effect of:

(psuedo code):

function tick(){
var date = new Date();
//I assume you node JS controller will listen to tick
$.post("tick", date ).done(setTimeout(tick,5 *60 *1000));

I don't know which DB you are using so I won't post code but you have to do something like saving the last tick there (or on cache/memory/redis should be good for this).

You will then have a function running over users last ticks.

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Your technique is applicable with polling with ajax and all, but in my case I am using node.js and websocket so it won't work here. And in nodejs websocket I am not getting a way to check if a connection is still alive... Thats the main problem.. –  Ankit Bisht Jul 16 '13 at 17:09

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