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So the play framework talks about having specs2 and specs2 having mockito

I want to use mockito to write a test where the template that the controller invokes is a mockito mock.

All the doc's I've found so far are java implementations where you call the mock static function and give it the Mocked class as a generics argument.

From what I can tell the mock function is not exposed by default within a specification, so how do I create a mockito mock?

Please give an example that includes both creating the mock, and asserting the mock is called with certain arguments

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After a lot of googling and hair pulling I came up with the following

package test

import org.specs2.mutable._

import play.api.test._
import play.api.test.Helpers._

import org.specs2.mock._
import org.mockito.Matchers

class ToTest {
  def go(a:String) = {

class MockSpec extends Specification with Mockito {
  "Mock" should {
      "work" in {
        val m = mock[ToTest]
        m.go(anyString) returns "tested"

        val result = m.go("test")

        result must equalTo("tested")
        there was one(m).go(Matchers.eq("test"))
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worth noting, is that play does not at this time incude the mockito dependency by default. You need to add it in your Build.scala – The Trav Jul 11 '13 at 0:06
how do you add it to Build.scala? – Jaap Sep 6 '13 at 10:05
Add "org.mockito" % "mockito-all" % "1.9.5" % "test" (or whatever version you prefer) to the appDependencies sequence. – johanandren Sep 6 '13 at 11:14

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