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How would I correctly use configuration file in Snap?

At the moment, I hard code DB host and DB name. If I wanted to put it in a file within projectroot/config directory, how would I make it available within a handler or within app init function?

It is mentioned briefly in snaplets tutorial that configurator library can be used but there was no explanation of how to actually use it.


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Just call getSnapletUserConfig which returns a Config. Then use functions from configurator to get the information you need. Look at snaplet-postgresql-simple's use of config files for a working example.

The config file defaults to devel.cfg in the current snaplet file path. So if you are using getSnapletUserConfig in your top-level application, then the config file will be in your project root. Otherwise it will be in snaplets/foo where "foo" is the name of whatever snaplet you are in.

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Thank you. So I can't use it from within a handler? Like so: conf <- getSnapletUserConfig; dh <- liftIO $ C.lookup conf "dbhost"; db <- liftIO $ C.lookup conf "dbname" –  r.sendecky Jul 11 '13 at 1:05
Yes, you can use it in any MonadSnaplet. Both Handler and Initializer have MonadSnaplet instances. –  mightybyte Jul 11 '13 at 16:01

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