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I have a spring mvc based application in which when session is expired user is automatically logged out. After logging in again I want to redirect user to the last page on which he was, how can I do it. Currently this is happening

User is on: http://localhost:8080/MYAPP/home/#/access/userManagement

Now when session expired,

User is on: http://localhost:8080/MYAPP/auth/login#/access/userManagement

After loggin in again,

User is on: http://localhost:8080/MYAPP/home/

here is my config


what more setting I need to redirect user to the last opened page???

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You could write your own like


<bean id="customAuthenticationSuccessHandler" class=".....MyAuthenticationSuccessHandler">

This MyAuthenticationSuccessHandler could extend SavedRequestAwareAuthenticationSuccessHandler .

Following a successful authentication, it decides on the redirect destination, based on the following scenarios:

  • If the alwaysUseDefaultTargetUrl property is set to true, the defaultTargetUrl will be used for the destination. Any DefaultSavedRequest stored in the session will be removed.

  • If the targetUrlParameter has been set on the request, the value will be used as the destination. Any DefaultSavedRequest will again be removed.

  • If a DefaultSavedRequest is found in the RequestCache (as set by the ExceptionTranslationFilter to record the original destination before the authentication process commenced), a redirect will be performed to the Url of that original destination. The DefaultSavedRequest object will remain cached and be picked up when the redirected request is received (See SavedRequestAwareWrapper).

  • If no DefaultSavedRequest is found, it will delegate to the base class.

So basically you need to replace default target URL behavior and override it with your own.

Hope this helps.Cheers.

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thanks for the detailed answer, while implementing I stuck in another situation can u please check stackoverflow.com/questions/17609621/… –  coure2011 Jul 12 '13 at 8:03
If this solves your problem Accept the answer.:) –  Dangling Piyush Jul 12 '13 at 11:51

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