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I've a requirement as described below -

  1. User will provide a url,
  2. my application will hit the url and create a document and store it in hadoop file system.
  3. Then I've to run some analytics and extract data from that document
  4. store the details in a table(may be cassandra)
  5. also the some images related to that link has to be stored in a file system.
  6. finally,I've to retrieve and show the details stored against a particular name. (may be in a jsp).

I know there will be lot of tools to do it and even with simple J2EE it might be possible. This exercise is to learn hadoop-cassandra-(may be pig for analytics).

Can anyone help me understand, what all I've to do to achieve this? I've hadoop and cassandra set up individually and I've little experience working with hadoop and cassandra.


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