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I have a git repository in a directory a/b/, and I want to expand this so changes to a/ and subdirectories are stored too. Is there any way to do this simply?

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Move b to somewhere new, make a new directory in it called b and git mv the contents into it. Now cp the stuff from a (excluding the original b of course) into here and git add them.

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That works, though sadly I can't use it in my actual repository - it's actually a git repository set up inside another proprietary repository and they don't play nicely at the best of times, let alone doing something a "bit different" like this. Thanks for the answer though :) –  Ben Hymers Nov 20 '09 at 11:19

Try this, starting from to dir of the git repository:

$ mkdir b
$ git mv * b/
$ git commit  # describe that contents have moved
$ cd ..
$ mv b/* .
$ rmdir b
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Just move the .git directory one level up and git add -A all files. For git it will look as if the existing files moved to a subdirectory and some new files appeared.

cd a/b
mv .git ../
cd ..
git add -A .
git commit -m 'Move git directory one level up'
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