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I am trying to call a button from another button in access via event procedure any suggestion how to achieve this?

For e.g i have three buttons a b and c. so

when c is pressed it trigger A and B buttons as well in MS Access 2010?

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With little trick ..

In your Btn C Click event

  Call SendKeys(" ",True)
  Call SendKeys(" ",True)
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Insanely correct....Thanks Mate\ – CrashOverride Jul 10 '13 at 13:00

To start, your Click procedure needs to be Public rather than Private. Then the following syntax will work:

Call Forms.frmForm1.button1_Click

Using your FormName and ControlName of course!

Source :

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tried this already did'nt work – CrashOverride Jul 10 '13 at 12:20

As noticed already, you can simply Call from.button_Click.

However, maybe you should modularize your code. If button C also triggers functionality from button A and B, why not create functions for shared code and call them?

Code in same form, module, other form, wherever it makes more sense:

Public Function funcA()
    '... (Shared code from button A)
End Function

Public Function funcB()
    '... (Shared code from button B)
End Function

Code in form:

Private Sub ButtonA_Click()
    Call funcA
End Sub

Private Sub ButtonB_Click()
    Call funcB
End Sub

Private Sub ButtonC_Click()
    '... (Specific code from button C)
    Call funcA
    Call funcB
End Sub
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