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I am developing an iOS app using Rubymotion. In this app I want to be able to show the user on a map exactly which way he or she have driven or walked. I also want to save this path on the server.

How can I trace this patch in iOS?

All input and hints about a solution is welcome.

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i guess your app needs a timer:

count = 0
timer = EM.add_periodic_timer 1.0 do
  count = count + 1
  puts "Great scott!"
  (count < 10) || EM.cancel_timer(timer)

and then find the current location:

BW::Location.get do |result|
  p "From Lat #{result[:from].latitude}, Long #{result[:from].longitude}"
  p "To Lat #{result[:to].latitude}, Long #{result[:to].longitude}"

all this is BubbleWrap: https://github.com/rubymotion/BubbleWrap

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Looks interesting. How should I use them together? What do I use the timer for? – Jonathan Clark Jul 10 '13 at 9:01
sorry, you have to do the thinking part yourself – phoet Jul 10 '13 at 12:27

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