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I have an existing asmx Web Service I need to acces from a native C++ implementation ( no it cant be c# ). What are my choices ( Visual Studio User here ) to do this as fast as possible ( anything that does the add aweb reference equivalent would be lovely ) Thanks

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What about C++/CLI? Would that be applicable? – C. Ross Nov 18 '09 at 15:24
sadly no. the issue is my dll is a plugin in Adobe. so just dont want the headache – Rahul Nov 18 '09 at 16:30

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One great tool I used for this kind of thing is gsoap.

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For native C++ to do web services, you'll probably need to look at third party tools. There may be some Microsoft things available, but after Soap Toolkit I never wanted to bother with MS provided native code libraries again.

gSoap is a third party web service library for C++, and is free to use in most cases. If you do need the commercial license, I believe it is around $100, and only the developer needs to pay it one time. I've used it fairly heavily on both Windows and Linux, and it has always been consistently high quality. I encountered a bug once in the WS-Security plugin, submitted a fix to the maintainer, and he accepted it within a day or two.

The ramp-up time is roughly a day or two to learn it.

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