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I'm trying to compile a small Qt application for windows Mobile 5.
so I've few questions:

  • currently i'm using ubuntu 9.10, I've hear some thing about cross-compilation but I din't found a real example of have to do it. Will it be possible to compile from linux?
  • How to compile an application for mobile anywhere(windows(VS, mingw,etc), linux(cmake,qmake, etc))


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In order to compile applications for Windows Mobile 5 you will need either:

  • at least Visual Studio 2005 Standard or Visual Studio 2008 Professional (Microsoft has moved Windows Mobile support in the Professional Version).

    Note: You cannot use the Express versions of Visual Studio to create applications for Windows Mobile platform.

  • CeGCC which can be crosscompiled from Linux.

Regarding Qt on Windows Mobile, you should read this Dr. Dobb's Article: Qt and Windows CE

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I don't have a definative answer but I am not sure a cross compiler exists that does what you want to do.

Check this questions and answer regarding cross compiler for windows/linux: Building GCC cross compiler (from “Linux” to “Windows”)

I know you mention Qt but you also may want to check out the following posts regarding building for Windows Mobile from Linux using the Mono project.

Mono Faq:Technical (Search for compact framework)
Forum posting: dev for Windows Mobile 5 (Where I found the link above)

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