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What is in your opinion the best game programming book using OpenGL and DirectX?

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You're probably going to need to pick one; OpenGL or DirectX, not both. Also, most good game programming books use DirectX (unfortunately). Just search around Amazon, read reviews, and figure out for yourself which book would suit your needs best.

It may be worthwhile to learn DirectX or OpenGL first, then move into game programming. For this, the OpenGL Programming Guide 6th edition (AKA the red book) is best for learning OpenGL (don't move to GL 3 just yet). I'm not particularly sure of the best DirectX book(s) (can anyone comment on this?).

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I recommend the NeHe tutorials for OpenGL, it's not a book, but it's a great learning resource

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The OpenGL Red book

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The ShaderX series are really good.

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The Game Programming Gems series.

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