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I am currently working on a visualization tool for some statistics, and I chose Irrlicht to handle it. I also decided to use Qt to move the camera precisely by entering the absolute coordinates for position and rotation. In my implementation, there is no game loop, and the scene is rendered only when the camera coordinates change in Qt numeric widgets.

Giving the absolute values for the position/rotation of the camera to a computer is great, but it is not very practical for humans. For this reason, I would like to be able to move my static camera like a FPS camera without using Irrlicht's keyboard-mouse input system and the game loop.

I could solve this problem by doing some math (see How would one implement an FPS camera?) but I would like to try to use only the 3D engine first.

I saw there is a FPS camera in Irrlicht, but it seems to be inadequate for what I want, because I do not want to use keyboard input, and also because there are no "go backwards/forward/left/right" public functions in ISceneNodeAnimatorCameraFPS, even if I am sure Irrlicht crew created such code to implement this class.

Thus, I am looking for Irrlicht (and not math) ways to get these forward/backwards/left/right vectors from an ICameraSceneNode.

Can you help me, Irrlicht experts ?

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