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I have read allot in previous threads about FacebookSDK vs SocialFramework but I cant find anything regarding the more specific area of FriendPicker.

I have a picture in my application. Right now I use SLcomposeView to post to Facebook which works great.

I now want to add the possibility to tag a facebookfriend in that picture and post the picture with the friend included.

I first followed the: FriendPicker example - FacebookDev My LoadData function will however not load any data probably because it doesnt use the Facebook Account from settings.

I then tried the code from the provided Facebook FreindPicker example (From the FacebookSDK). I then get bounced to facebook sign in but I receive sign in error (Error: 2) probably because I am already signed in through settings?

How do I best design the application for handling this? Can I include "friendpicking" in the SlComposeView or do I need to remove it and only use Facebook SDK?

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Will be better if you can post some of your code... Im using the following example to invoke the FBFriendPickerViewController

- (IBAction)addTAG:(id)sender {
if (self.friendPickerController == nil) {
    // Create friend picker, and get data loaded into it.
    self.friendPickerController = [[FBFriendPickerViewController alloc] init];
    self.friendPickerController.title = @"Select Friends";
    self.friendPickerController.delegate = self;
[self.friendPickerController loadData];
[self.friendPickerController clearSelection];

// Present the friend picker
[self.friendPickerController presentModallyFromViewController:self
                                       handler:^(FBViewController *sender, BOOL donePressed) {
                                           if (donePressed) {
                                               self.selectedFriends = self.friendPickerController.selection;
                                               NSLog(@"list of friends: %@", self.selectedFriends);


Edited// the Scrumptious example app contains all what you need. Download the las facebokk SDK for iOS, go to samples.

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