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All of a sudden our development sharepoint publishing stopped working. I am not able to add any new items to Lists. Following are screenshots in different browser when trying to add a new item.

Internet Explorer 7 : JavaScript error occurs soon after I hover over the rich text editor. There are no required fields but still editor says I have to fill in all required fields and the form does not submit. alt text

Firefox : Rich text editor is not shown. Data gets added to the list without any issues but this is not what I want.

alt text

Internet explore 8 : Same as IE7. alt text

I tried clearing the cache, Restarting the server and iis, Cleared Temp folder for asp.net but nothing helped. It doesn't look like a JavaScript error to me. Any idea why this happens?

Our MOSS2007 Standard edition runs on Windows Server 2003 server.

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Finally this is resolved ;-)

We had a user control which had a <form> tag. So nested form tags caused the issue.

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