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I am using neoid with rails and want to disable sqlite in my rails application. How can I do this (after that I want to use only neoid and neo4j to store the data)?

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gem 'sqlite3'

from your Gemfile and make sure that your config/database.yml file doesn't contain lines like

adapter: sqlite
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I deleted gem record from Gemfile and deleted all records about adapters from database.yml. After that when I tried to perform "rake test" task I got: "rake aborted! test database is not configured" –  Maxim Chepel Jul 10 '13 at 16:10
So I deleted sqlite3 from my project but how can I add information about neoid to database.yml to force my tests to work. It seems that neoid doesn't provide mechanism for that. @fabian –  Maxim Chepel Jul 10 '13 at 16:32

From my testing with it today I don't think you can do this with this gem. Neoid adds neo4j storage as an addition to, not replacement for, your traditional RDBMS.

To have a full replacement for RDBMS-backed ActiveRecord you may need to consider the neo4j.rb gem, which requires JRuby.

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