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I have a desktop application which relies on SQLite to index disks (ie. folders & files meta info).

My database have the following characteristics:

  1. Once folders/files are added, references are never removed from DB. Which means that I won't need or care about (potentially slow) delete queries, since there are no delete

  2. I have to keep my index current: if a folder/file is modified, renamed or deleted, I have to update my DB to reflect this change & take appropriate action.

This is where I have a problem: I was crazy dump to store full path in my database, which means that if a large folder is renamed, I have to iterate through child items to rename them as well.

As one would expect, I currently use the classic ID/ParentID columns in my database.

I need to fix this mess.

Luckily my app is yet to be released, I read many articles regarding hierarchical data, but I'm lost which setup is the best in my case!

The question mentionned above talks about these methods:

Adjacency List
Nested Set
Nested Intervals
Bridge Table / Closure Table
Flat Table
Lineage Column / Materialized Path / Path Enumeration

I googled a lot, some suggest that closure tables are the best, some say that having another table is redundant, my personal feeling is that the extra table does add extra complexity and I may break the ACIDity of my database if I'm not careful (read: I've never tried closure tables, but from what I've read, I already hate it!)

In short, I'm lost!

To sum it up, my application:

  1. Doesn't need DELETE queries
  2. Need fast INSERT, UPDATE & SELECT, be it direct parent, hierarchical retrieval (all parents), direct descendants/children or all descendants/children

Can someone tell me which algorithm is the best in my case?

NOTE: I'm well aware this question has already been asked before, call me idiot if you want, but all I got from reading are headaches! I'm looking for simple (but efective) solutions that matches my needs, thanks!

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