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I've been stuck on this error for weeks.

When I trying to include bootstrap gems in my application.css file, it MIGHT give the error of "Stack level too deep"

From what I googled pointed out the root issue of this was because of double defined method "image_url" both in sprockets and bootstrap-sass.

Here's my error log:

ActionView::Template::Error (stack level too deep
  (in /Users/jason/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p247@drwho/bundler/gems/bootstrap-rails-7ae5424fa38b/app/assets/stylesheets/twitter/bootstrap.scss)):
  sprockets (2.2.2) lib/sprockets/context.rb:196

Now, I have updated bootstrap-sass to the latest version and the error gone for a while... Next time I do "bundle install", the error poped up again. I also tried the different bootstrap gem: "anjlab-bootstrap" the results are the same.

The strangest thing is:

I was trying to reproduce this error by creating a new empty rails app and use the same Gemfile, as a matter of fact, I copied almost every files to the new projects includes "app", "config", "lib", "public", "Gemfile" and "Gemfile.lock"

And no error in the new project. I happily push the new project to Github. Next day, when I on my office computer, I git clone the new project, do the bundle install. And guess what.... the same error poped up AGAIN.

Here my repo(the new and should be working) for the reference

I'm thinking the problem might be on my rvm. I have also tried to reinstall entire rvm and got no luck.

Could anyone help?

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Well, here is a crazy idea. Probably, you have non-deterministic load order of files in your project. Here is an example:

# file2.rb
def f; puts "In #{__FILE__}"; end

# file1.rb
def f; puts "In #{__FILE__}"; end

# test.rb
Dir.glob('file*.rb').each { |x| require x }

Possible output:

machine1> ruby test.rb
In file1.rb

# copy *.rb to a different machine
machine2> ruby test.rb
In file2.rb

See also this (not directly related) answer: Does Dir.glob guarantee the order?

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