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I have a case where I need to instantiate for the same interface two different implementation that are both used in the same class.

public AutoMapperRegisterFactory(IRegisterAutoMapper registerAutoMapper , IRegisterAutoMapper registerAutoMapperMobile)
   m_RegisterAutoMapper = registerAutoMapper;

How would I go about of telling unity that the first IRegisterAutoMapper should be of type RegisterAutoMapper and the second of type RegisterAutoMapperMobile ?

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You can do it with multiple named mappings for IRegisterAutoMapper combined with an InjectionConstructor telling Unity what specific mappings to use for each argument.

IUnityContainer container = new UnityContainer()
    .RegisterType<IRegisterAutoMapper, RegisterAutoMapper>() //default
    .RegisterType<IRegisterAutoMapper, MobileRegisterAutoMapper>("Mobile")
        new InjectionConstructor(
            new ResolvedParameter<IRegisterAutoMapper>("Mobile")));
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