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This is current solution.


{{view App.CardFilterView labelTranslation="filter.provider.label" controllerBinding="controllers.cardProviders"

{{view App.CardFilterView labelTranslation="filter.rewards.label" controllerBinding="controllers.cardRewards"


{{view Ember.Select  contentBinding="content" optionValuePath="" optionLabelPath=""
classNames="multiselect" multiple="multiple"}}


  label: (->
    Ember.I18n.t @get('labelTranslation')

Can I somehow go without computed property and do something like this:

<h3>{{t view.label}}</h3>? (this of course doesn't work)

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One way you could do this is by defining a handlebars helper to do the job.

Something like this:

Ember.Handlebars.registerBoundHelper('i18n', function(key) {
  return new Handlebars.SafeString(Ember.I18n.t(key))

And then use it like so:

<h3>{{i18n view.label}}</h3>

Hope it helps.

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I know this is kind of old thread and this was feature was not implemented at the answer.

  #### Translate attributes on a plain tag:
  <a {{translateAttr title="button.add_user.title">text</a>

This is from the ember-i18n documentation since v1.6.0 (2014-02-06).

Thank you changelog.

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