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below is my sample.jsp my requirement is to display tree structure format.

<%@ taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags" %>
  String s="ROOT";
  <s:tree theme="ajax" id="root" label="%{s}"> 
  <s:treenode theme="ajax" id="child1" label="<b>Child 1</b>" />
  <s:treenode theme="ajax" id="subchild1" label="SubChild 1">
  <s:treenode theme="ajax" id="subchild2" label="SubChild 2" />
  <s:treenode theme="ajax" id="subchild3" label="SubChild 3" />
  <s:treenode theme="ajax" id="child2" label="<b>child 2</b>" />

but it is not displaying s value in

<s:tree theme="ajax" id="root" label="%{s}"> 

please suggest me how to do this? thanks

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First thing first: Using scriptlets is a very bad practice, use taglibs instead.

But if you really need this then use <s:set> tag to assign variable.

 String s="ROOT";
<s:set var="sVar">
  <%=s %>
<sj:tree theme="ajax" id="root" label="%{#sVar}">

BTW there is no such thing as tree in /struts-tags you probably mean /struts-jquery-tags.

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