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I create new jquery Event for trigger,

its work in google chrome but its not work in mozilla . . here is code.

 if(e.button === 2) {
   var newEvent = $.extend($.Event("click"), {
    which: 1,
    clientX: event.clientX,
    clientY: event.clientY,
    pageX: event.pageX,
    pageY: event.pageY,
    screenX: event.screenX,
    screenY: event.screenY

how can i make it browser compatible.

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Use as in your param e not event:

jQuery("#calendar").mousedown(function (e) {
    if (e.button === 2) {
        var newEvent = $.extend($.Event("click"), {
            which: 1,
            clientX: e.clientX,
            clientY: e.clientY,
            pageX: e.pageX,
            pageY: e.pageY,
            screenX: e.screenX,
            screenY: e.screenY
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