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Hi i'm The owner of a Facebook app with this ID: 187382088033833. I've made new website, and i want to recover my old comments made with my application.

E.g. in this page, in the old version i got a lot of comments:

why now i can't see the old comments? can you help me?

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How were your comments collected before? The Comments social plugin? Are you using the same application ID? Did you change the Application settings to point to the new domain? I believe comments are tied to a specific domain & url, so migrating them to a new domain might be impossible. – Jim Rubenstein Jul 10 '13 at 12:41

According to the Facebook Comments Social Plugin documentation, comments are tied to a URL for the page that they were made on. Migrating to a new domain, or moving your page to a new URL, without keeping your comment social plugin URL setting the same as what it was in the past, will cause you to lose your comments.

I would try changing your href setting on your plugin to the old URL for the page you're loading. You may have to maintain that old page as a redirect to the new page should Facebook try to verify it's existence before rendering the comments plugin, or should someone click a link that is published to their news feed so they get redirected to the appropriate place.

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My point is this: i got an app with this ID 187382088033833, i got some changes on my app, for the July 15th changes. The problem is that, if i see my moderation tool, i see all the comments, but if i try to insert the comment box on my site i can't see that. EXAMPLE My page:… has got some comments before, and now these comments are disapperead – Roberto Fortunato Jul 17 '13 at 13:11

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