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Is it possible to create a Shared Library (.so) using Go?

UPDATED: created an "issue" for it.

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Not yet, apparently.

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Go Execution Modes describes Building Go Packages as a shared library:

"In this mode a Go package, or set of packages, may be built as a shared library. A Go program that imports one or more of those Go packages may be linked against this shared library. The shared library may be changed between the time the Go program is linked and the time it is run; the shared library that is available when the program starts is the one that will be used...

In the Go 1.5 release this is implemented for the linux-amd64 target only. When using gccgo it is implemented for any supported target."

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I came back to this question to write an update too. +1 – Mihai Stancu Aug 27 at 10:19

Apparently, it now is possible, but only under very precise set of circumstances. More precisely, if you're writing for the Android platform.

The "goandroid" project on GitHub provides a set of patches that allows Go to build a shared library for specific use with the Android NDK. See

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As-of-now (July 2013), it's an extension to the Go Tools and not built into the Go Tools that Google ships. – Nate Jul 13 '13 at 4:02
@Nate can you link to the extension? Is the (stand alone) extension usable only on android or is it available for desktop use too? – Mihai Stancu Jul 8 at 19:57
@mihaistancu I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to cross-compile go for android, see here. Could get official support soon, considering golang 1.5 supports iOS. – Nate Jul 9 at 21:37
@Nate -- my question was: "does that extension work only on android or can I (currently) compile desktop go packages as shared objects?". – Mihai Stancu Jul 9 at 22:31
@Nate So I'm not interested to compile for android at all. I just want to compile shared objects for desktop. I've researched the subject myself and apparently there is some compiler support with go build -shared flags. – Mihai Stancu Jul 9 at 22:34

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