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I'm using flash to capture audio, encode it to mp3, then send it to javascript as ByteArray. Now I want the javascript to save it as MP3 on my computer (not flash saves it to my computer). I am using Blob and then getDataURL, but the file isn't playing when saved. I used to do the same exact method to save WAV files and it worked perfectly fine. Here's the JS code:

var getDataFromSWF = function (bytes) {
            var myBlob = new Blob([bytes], { type: "audio/mpeg3" });

            var url = (window.URL || window.webkitURL).createObjectURL(myBlob);
            var link = window.document.createElement('a');
            link.href = url;

//            $("label").text(url);
            link.download = 'output.mp3';
            var click = document.createEvent("Event");
            click.initEvent("click", true, true);

//            console.log(bytes);

I'm pretty much sure that the byteArray is fine because if I let the SWF save the file it works OK too. But I want to know what's wrong with the JS code. (note: i'm new to BLOB)

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