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i have made an account on crittercism. I have developed Windows Phone 8 app and also installed the nuget package. then i have add the following code line in my App() function.


The complete code of my App function is something like that

 public App() {

        UnhandledException += Application_UnhandledException;

        // Standard XAML initialization

        // Phone-specific initialization

        // Language display initialization


        // Show graphics profiling information while debugging.
        if (Debugger.IsAttached) {
            // Display the current frame rate counters.
            Application.Current.Host.Settings.EnableFrameRateCounter = true;

            PhoneApplicationService.Current.UserIdleDetectionMode = IdleDetectionMode.Disabled;


i am crashing my app now in the debug mode for testing and i am not getting any crash report for that on my dashboard.

Any ideas that why i am not getting it will be helpful


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Which version of the Crittercism nuget library are you using? Could you try upgrading to v2.0.0?


Take care and happy coding, Rob Co-Founder, Crittercism

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