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I have a UIView, in which I have arranged UIButtons. I want to find the positions of those UIButtons.

I am aware that buttons.frame will give me the positions, but it will give me positions only with respect to its immediate superview.

Is there is any way we can find the positions of those buttons, withe respect to UIButtons superview's superview ?

For instance, suppose there is UIView named "firstView".

Then, I have another UIView, "secondView". This "SecondView" is subview of "firstView".

Then I have UIButton as subview on the "secondView".

Now, is there any way we can find the position of that UIButton, with respect to "firstView" ?

Any help will be appreciated,

Thanks for your time

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You can use this:

CGRect frame = [firstView convertRect:buttons.frame fromView:secondView];

Documentation reference:


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Thanks .. This works. :) –  Shailesh Jul 10 '13 at 14:45

Frame: (X,Y,width,height).

Hence width and height wont change even wrt the super-super view. You can easily get the X, Y as following.

X = button.frame.origin.x + [button superview].frame.origin.x;
Y = button.frame.origin.y + [button superview].frame.origin.y;
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