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i tried to make a script which copies all (8 files) files from one folder into a specific subfolder of around ~40 folders...

i start like this with the * to copy all files out of that folder. But of course it didn't work out like this :

The foldername with the * changes randomly and there is a subfolder called EmailTemplates which should get all my 8 files.

Copy-Item d:\www\example\*   -destination d:\example\2\*\EmailTemplates

Is there an easy solution ? thanks in advance!

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Would something like this work for selecting the destination folder?

$destination = Get-ChildItem "D:\example\2" -Recurse | ? {
    $_.PSIsContainer -and $_.Name -eq "EmailTemplates"

Otherwise you'll probably have to determine the destination like this:

$destination = Get-ChildItem "D:\example\2" |
  ? { $_.PSIsContainer } |
  % { Join-Path $_.FullName "EmailTemplates" } |
  ? { Test-Path -LiteralPath $_ } | Get-Item

Then copy the files like this:

Get-ChildItem "d:\www\example" | ? { -not $_.PSIsContainer } | % {
  Copy-Item $_.FullName $destination.FullName
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Thanks, helped me alot, i made it a little different, but u helped me to do it – RayofCommand Jul 10 '13 at 15:05

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