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I googled this for quite awhile, surprisingly with no results.

How can I pass all the URL params for an incoming request, through a redirect_to?

I don't know which params they're going to be, so it can't just be the normal :this => that way

for example, a request comes in for site.com?utm_source=test&utm_content=y&x=y

But I don't know what the keys are going to be

I'd do the following but it includes a lot of other params I don't want to show in the URL after the redirect

redirect_to :action => :new, :params => params

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It seems the answer is the following (only for GET params)

redirect_to :action => :new, :params => request.query_parameters

For POST params only you can use

redirect_to :action => :new, :params => request.request_parameters

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