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I need to remove the index action from this route. This is my original code:

    map.resources :pages, :member => { :confirm_delete => "get" }, :new => { :save_sort => :post } do |pages|
            pages.resources :pages
            pages.resources :sections

and I tried this (notice there are 2 :except options there, I tried it individually as well) but it doesn't work:

    map.resources :pages, :member => { :confirm_delete => "get" }, :new => { :save_sort => :post }, :except => [:index] do |pages|
            pages.resources :pages, :except => [:index]
            pages.resources :sections

Any advice?

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I ended up just going to the index action of my pages controller and adding a raise ActionController::RoutingError.new('Not Found'). Goes one level deeper but the result is the same nonetheless.

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