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So I have a project that I am working on and it requires that I use jsPlumb for graphical elements connections and I am building my app entirely using AngularJS.

What is the procedure to follow if I want to include another library's code into my controller (to fire up some jsPlumb code, say on ng-click) or any other part of my AngularJS code? Should I do that or why should I not do that?

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I don't see an easy way to establish two way data binding between Angular and jsPlumb.

What I ended up doing on my project is creating a custom Angular service which serves as a bridge between controllers and jsPlumb. Such service contains methods specific to application, such as:

  • removeElementFromFlow
  • addElement
  • getElements
  • getConnections
  • isElementConnected
  • etc.

It allows to keep all jsPlumb plumbing code outside of controllers, keeping them clean.

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Thanks @AlexPuckov! Btw, how do you handle the dynamic creation of the element? how do you know when the element is laoded? I get a lot of parentNode undefined and I am trying to stay away from $timeout... –  Georgi Angelov Jul 16 '13 at 13:23
Not sure I understand a problem you have with undefined parentNodes. But creation of element shouldn't be complicated: at some point in controller (click handler or something else) you call your custom function addElement in plumbService as I described above. That function adds new HTML element to jsPlumb container and configures endpoints. If it doesn't help I think it's better to create a new question on SO for this particular problem. –  Alexander Puchkov Jul 17 '13 at 14:28
Thanks for the help! –  Georgi Angelov Jul 17 '13 at 20:56

Take a look at this well-commented jsPlumb/angularJs integration example:


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