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On Windows XP, using TDM's GCC/MinGW32 for basic development i.e. gcc 4.4.x with gdb. Which unit testing framework to use for test driven development?

Apparently Check's unit tests don't yet work on Windows.

The questions at Unit Testing Frameworks for C and Unit Testing C Code are similar but not specifically about using gcc 4.4.x on Windows.

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pragprog.com/book/jgade/test-driven-development-for-embedded-c <-- also that. A lot in Windows C development becomes easier if you regard it as an embedded platform... –  Prof. Falken May 28 '12 at 13:49

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Awesome slides from a talk on TDD with C, using nothing but C99 standard stuff.

Personally I like the stuff in glib, which you may be able to use in MinGW.

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+1 for the slides, truly awesome. –  philant Nov 20 '09 at 7:14
This is great solution for very small projects. I'm still thinking how to scale it. –  aisbaa Dec 10 '12 at 11:35

minunit only is four macros long, so it'll compile on any platform. It's not fully-featured, but does the job, and can be easily extended to fit your needs.

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Cut is the only C unit testing framework I know that can run on Windows. Check does work on Windows via Cygwin (that's what I am currently using).

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As of version 0.9.11, check does support Windows on the MinGW and Cygwin platforms.

As the MinGW platform does not have a fork() equivalent, using the fork() mode in check is unavailable. However, Cygwin does provide a fork() implementation for check to use.

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