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With the new Windows 7 restrictions (well, new to Windows Vista anyways), we can no longer install demo projects to *%ProgramFilesFolder%\OurApplication\demo\* since restricted users will not be able to open and modify these projects.

Is there a "correct" place to install these files now?

The two alternatives that I am aware of would be:

  1. %AppDataFolder%\OurApplication\demo\
  2. %PersonalFolder%\OurApplication\demo\
    (in XP: %PersonalFolder% = My Documents)
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Depending on whether you expect multiple accounts on a single machine to access these demo files, it may be better to modify the application to read from the public read-only location, and save a writable copy to the user's documents folder. There's little reason that this part should be done by the installer.

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After some discussion with colleagues we came up with basically the same conclusion. Install the original read-only to %AppDataFolder% and copy per-user as read-write on an as-need basis. – Rob Hunter Nov 19 '09 at 18:56

I'd lean towards %PersonalFolder%\OurApplication\demo\, since you're expecting users to open the files themselves. %AppDataFolder% is intended for (writable) data that's for the app's use (e.g., game maps, etc.)

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