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Is there a built-in function in javascript to do this or this is only the option to go? Please look at the code below:

var arr=[1,3,4,'+','-', or whatever]

function value_check(user_click){

  var operators=['+','-','/','*','.']
  for (var i=0;i<operators.length;i++){
    if (arr[arr.length-1]==operators[i]){var value1='operator found';}
    if (user_click==operators[i]){
     var value2= value1;alert("consecutive operators"); break;

I think this code achieves what I intend to do but is there a simple and shorter way of doing this. In words, I want to achieve something like this:

if (arr[arr.length-1] && user_click BOTH ARE IN operators array) 
  alert("consecutive operators)
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Yes, there are some options:

JavaScript indexOf()


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arrayName.indexOf() is what you are looking for.

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