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I have a solution in Visual Studio 2008, it has dozens of projects.

I would like to have all the pdb in the same folder.

From the property page of a project I see that the pdb will go to the "Intermediate Directory"; also .obj files go to the "Intermediate Directory".

Each of our projects has its own folder because we want to keep the .obj separated, at the same time I would like to have all the pdb in the same folder.

Looking at the buildlog.htm I see the option /PDB which controls the pdb path, this option doesn't seem to me available in the property page.

Maybe I will have to use a post buil script?

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I'm only using Visual Studio 2005, but here the PDB path is controlled via the Linker Property Tab -> Debugging -> create program data base.

The path here defaults to $(TargetDir)$(TargetName).pdb and that is the directory where your output (binary) goes to. Are you sure, you didn't mix that with the Compiler -> Output options? the PDB Path you set there is only for the precompiled headers.

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Thank you very much, Visual Studio 2008 is like 2005. – Alessandro Jacopson Nov 19 '09 at 8:04

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