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I have this LongListSelector:

<Controls:LongListSelector Height="Auto" x:Name="playlistList" HorizontalContentAlignment="Stretch" SelectionChanged="DidPressSelectItem"
                                       GroupHeaderTemplate="{StaticResource AddrBookGroupHeaderTemplate}"
                                       IsGroupingEnabled="true" HideEmptyGroups="True">
                        <local:SearchTemplateSelector Content="{Binding}" HorizontalContentAlignment="Stretch">
                                <toolkit:ContextMenu Loaded="ContextMenu_Load" Unloaded="ContextMenu_Unload">


And i have a long press drop-down menu on every item, and i have also couple kind of TemplateSelector, and i want to be able to choose that the drop-down menu will work only in one of the Templates. how can i achieve it?

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Can't you just add the contextmenu to the item inside you faux template selector? –  Matt Lacey Jul 10 '13 at 15:09
It won't work if i put it inside –  MTA Jul 10 '13 at 15:10

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