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I'm having a rather weird problem with Visual Studio 2012 lately:

  • Project A (C++ DLL) references project B (C++ static lib). No CLR.
  • Project A is set as my startup project (it has a debug command line set).
  • After changing a file in project B and hitting CTRL+F5, VS2012 doesn't build project A before launching it. It does build project B!

Research steps I've already taken:

  • After changing a file in project C, which is not referenced by either A or B, CTRL+F5 builds neither A nor B. This is expected.
  • After changing a file in project A itself, CTRL+F5 builds A. This is expected.
  • I've been able to reproduce this problem with project A' and dependency B'.
  • Configuration Manager: all projects are set to be built in my working configuration.
  • VS options:
    • "On Run, when projects are out of date:" = "Always build".
    • "Only build startup projects and dependencies on Run" is checked. Without it, it just build my entire huge solution when running project A, which is hardly what I want.

I should also note that we recently upgraded from Visual Studio 2010 (with which we did not have this problem).

I'm fresh out of ideas. Anyone?

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After changing a file in project A itself, CTRL+F5 builds B. This is expected That is completely unexpected to me. From what you describe B has no dependency on A. Therefore any change in A should not cause a rebuild in B. –  stonemetal Jul 10 '13 at 16:27
@stonemetal, you are absolutely correct. This was a typo :) –  Yodan Tauber Jul 11 '13 at 8:15

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It appears that this is the same problem described by these questions:

Solution: The intermediate folder for any VS project is not allowed to be under %TEMP% or %TMP%, and also may not be named "temp" (or maybe even contain the substring "temp"?).

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