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I am trying to show a tooltip when mouse hovers on a treeview node. But the tooltip is not showing up.

This is my code:

private void treeView1_MouseHover(object sender, EventArgs e)

    TreeNode selNode = (TreeNode)treeView1.GetNodeAt(Cursor.Position);

    if (selNode != null)
    	if (selNode.Tag != null)
    		Product selProduct = selNode.Tag as Product;

    		if (selProduct != null)
    			toolTip1.SetToolTip(treeView1, selProduct.ProductName + "\n" + selProduct.ProductCategory.ToString());

What should I check for?

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looks like the problem is in the

TreeNode selNode = (TreeNode)treeView1.GetNodeAt(Cursor.Position);

line, change it to

TreeNode selNode = (TreeNode)treeView1.GetNodeAt(treeView1.PointToClient(Cursor.Position));

and it should work; I would also recomd to look at the following article: How to add a ToolTip to a TreeNode in Visual C# for detalis on how to add tooltips to the treeview

hope this helps, regards

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A much simpler way is to:

  1. Set the ToolTipText on the TreeNode when you create it.
  2. Set the TreeView control's ShowNodeToolTips property to True.

And you're done.

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