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I created module named hr_th having security group "group_thw_emp" I have field "employee_id" which is many2one field refer to hr_employee class. I tried following code in my xml

<field name="employee_id" attrs= "{'readonly': [('groups','=','hr_th.group_thw_emp')]}"/>

but I get error as :

Uncaught Error: Unknown field groups in domain [['groups','=','hr_th.group_thw_emp']]

Thank you in advance

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This is a slightly tricky one. Ideally you would do something like

attrs = {'readonly': [('employee_id.groups', 'contains', 'hr_th.group_thw_emp')]}

But as far as I know you can't do this. I don't believe the attribute expression evaluator supports contains.

The way I have worked around it is to extended or change the model and add a functional field that returns true if the employee is a member of the group you want and use it like this.

<field name="employee_is_in_thw_emp" invisible="1" />
<field name="employee_id" attrs="{'readonly': [('employee_is_in_thw_emp', '=', True)]}" />

This isn't great as you could end up with a lot of functional fields but I haven't found a better way yet.

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